Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YIPEE AND WOOHOO Confirmation received on three shows!!!!

Triple good news for me this week! I've made it into the May 12th Craftstravaganza show at the MN State Fair Grounds and the November 17th show in Norwood Young America.
The Craftstraviganza show will be held in two buildings And the Norwood Young America show will be held in three schools with bus transporation back and forth for free.  And the Anoka RiverFest show as well!!!!!
I have one more show I'm waiting to hear back on for November.
LIFE IS GOOD!!! Now I need to get crankin' in the studio!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Start early on submitting applications to art/craft shows!!!!!


May 12th- Craftstravaganza - MN State Fair Grounds

July 14th- Anoka RiverFest -Down Town Anoka

November 3rd- Champlin Woman of Today- Champlin Park High School

November 17th- Norwood Young America Craft Fair

I will once again be submitting my application for the 2012 MN STATE FAIR FINE ARTS COMPETITION.  I think this year I will submit a colored pencil drawing.

Finnlander Custom Rods- My neighbor Dave

Meet my friend and neighbor Dave Saukkola. Dave makes beautiful hand made custom fishing rods. You can customize your rod right down to the thread colors, guides, blank and wooden handles.  He does beautiful work and my husband and I personally have several of his ice and spinning rods.   If you're interested in purchasing a custom rod by Dave, let me know!!!